The Uses of Combination Boilers

The combi boiler, also known as combination boiler, is considered as the most saleable boiler type for gas central heating in the UK nowadays. But not all homes can use the combi boiler. And so, if you are thinking of using a combi boiler for your home, you might want to consider some facts before going into this type.

The definititon of a combi boiler is that it is the type of boiler that can give hot water and central heating for your residence. With this system, hot water is provided upon demand, meaning as soon as you open your tap.

Upon combi boiler installation, hot water cylinder is not necessary since water is heated on demand as you open your tap and thus there is no need to store hot water in the cylinder.

Know that in Combi boiler costs , water is fed directly from the main source and usually the pressure is good. In the case when the house has several bathrooms for example that will limit the flow of the water running at once, it is advisable that a system boiler will take the place of the combi boiler.

There can be a reduction of water flow when one or more than one taps are turned on at the same time that will reduce the flow of the water. If there is not sufficient hot water, one way is to close the tap so that the temperature will increase.

Usually, combi boiler works with different types of showers but there are also some new multi-jet showers that may not be compatible with it because the water demand is higher than what is provided for by the combi boiler.

Combi boilers are energy savers because the system only generates hot water when hot water is required. The advantages then of this system aside from being highly reliable, are that fewer  ignitions are needed, you have a smooth operation, and your electricity bills will be lower.

Combi boilers usually come in various sizes, which are the 28kw, 32kw and 36kw, and other sizes to suit the needs of a home. They usually come in three sizes. These include 28kW, 32kW and 36kW. They come in different sizes to suit a range of homes.

An efficiency of greater than 88 percent, is the requirement in the UK for all new installations of combi boiler.

For your information, the costs of combi boilers can start at 400 pound to about 2,000 pounds per system.

A registered engineer can carry out the installation of a combi boiler quotes , that can cost a little high, but it is worth the spending.

The fact that combi boilers account to 60 percent emission from your home of carbon dioxide, it is advisable that you also install an energy-efficient boiler that can both lower your energy costs and carbon emissions. A combi boiler is said to be 12 percent more efficient than other types of boilers.